Innovative Technologies

Building on years of technical leadership, backed by a strong research and development program, Armor Guys is the first glove manufacturer to commercialize graphene for use in hand and arm protection. As a manufacturer with years of know-how, patented and proprietary products, Armor Guys stands ready to meet the needs of users that require hand and arm protection across the U.S.

Liner Technologies

The liner defines the glove’s textile construction. It can be made of various types of fibers depending on the level of protection required. At Armor Guys, we have developed our own patented liner technologies. Learn more below!

Logo Kyorene

Kyorene®: Graphene-Based Protection

After nearly a decade of research & development into graphene, Armor Guys’ parent company, QS Safety, launched the world’s first graphene-based gloves under the name Kyorene®, which Armor Guys then brought to market in the U.S. Graphene is inherently bacteriostatic, thermal regulating, odor neutralizing and UV resistant, thus giving our Kyorene® gloves the same properties.

Taeki5®: Mechanical & Thermal Protection

The Taeki5® series of high performance hand and arm protection products is made from 100% Taeki5® fiber. The unique composite construction of Taeki5® was developed to protect hands and arms against mechanical and thermal risks, while simultaneously offering excellent fit, form and function to the user. The products offered in our Taeki5® range come in a variety of gauges and coatings, thus allowing for the products to be used in multiple applications across a variety of industries.

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Basetek®: High-Quality, Daily Protection

The Basetek® range of products was developed to address the needs of the market by utilizing high-quality yarns that users could depend on to provide the trusted protection they need while doing daily tasks. With a range of cut-resistant styles from ANSI A2 to A6 and a variety of coatings, Basetek® offers a wide assortment of styles that can meet the majority of users’ needs in today’s market.

Perfotek®: Puncture Protection

With ever increasing needs for workers requiring puncture-resistant gloves, Armor Guys set out to provide a better solution. It wasn’t all that long ago that puncture resistant gloves came into the market in an effort to meet the growing needs workers faced in a variety of industries that have puncture hazards. Most of the products then, and most now, have failed to provide a highly functional and highly protective glove in one.

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Coating Technologies

An extra layer of protection, known as the coating, is added to the palm-side of the glove, or to the entire glove, to create an extra layer of protection. Depending on the task and level of protection required, there are various types of coatings that will best benefit the user depending on the job at hand. Armor Guys has several coating technologies that are explained below.

Logo HCT Coating Technology
Logo HCT Coating Technology

Hybrid Coating Technology (HCT®) Microfoam Nitrile

Hybrid Coating Technology, also known as HCT®, is a revolutionary compounding process that creates deep pockets within a durable coating. Each of these pockets is then injected with a very soft compound. This remarkable combination gives our HCT® microfoam nitrile coating incredible grip, softness, flexibility and breathability, while remaining thin, durable and resistant to oils.

Logo HCT Coating Technology
Logo HCT Coating Technology

HCT® Nano-Foam Nitrile

HCT® nano-foam nitrile draws on the positive attributes of our original HCT® microfoam nitrile coating; soft, flexible, breathable and exceptional grip in wet, dry and oily conditions. The two differentiating features of our HCT® Nano is that it offers a thinner and smoother coating than our standard HCT®. These two features mimic what a traditional polyurethane coated glove offers users; greater dexterity and improved sense of touch, but does so in a product that is safer for both the user and the environment.

Logo HCT Coating Technology
Logo HCT Coating Technology

HCT® Microfoam Latex

Thin, flexible coating good for use in a variety of applications. The HCT® microfoam latex coating provides exceptional grip, particularly in wet applications, as the coating channels liquids from the surface ensuring a positive grip.


Thin, lightweight coating which offers excellent tactile sensitivity and dexterity. Provides a good dry grip and abrasion resistance.

Smooth Nitrile

Thick coating, excellent for dry grip applications. Offers superior protection against cuts, snags, abrasions, and punctures.

Crinkle Latex

Offers good dry and wet grip in a variety of applications. Is highly resistant to cuts, punctures and abrasions.

Foam Nitrile

Thin, breathable coating which works well in light oil and greasy environments. Foam coating provides excellent grip in both wet and dry applications.

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