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Engineered tooling systems for aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, and industrial applications give high-performance cutting and abrasive action. As an example, companies have developed super-abrasive products that include metal, resin, and hybrid bonds and use different abrasive shapes. The speed and complexity of modern tool operations increase the risk of accidents for workers cutting, filing, grinding, deburring, and smoothing assembled parts.

The Newest PPE Technologies Prevent Injuries

New glove and high-performance garment technologies include liners and coatings that yield tougher materials that nonetheless provide dexterity and comfort. Innovative liner materials include graphene, advanced composite fibers, new fiber technologies and yarns, and layered materials that include perforation plates. Coatings have evolved from the familiar nitrile rubber coatings to Hybrid Coating Technologies (HCT) that integrate softness, flexibility, and durability with the capacity to repel liquids.

Liner Technologies Protect Against Cuts and Abrasions

When made into the yarns needed for gloves, graphene fibers offer unusual capabilities. Because graphene — a carbon-based material — has greater density, it has greater tensile strength than steel and hardness that surpasses that of diamonds. In addition, the graphene fibers resist bacteria, the build-up of static charges, and ultraviolet rays. Kyorene® gloves and sleeves made from graphene fibers offer lightweight, superior protection for workers in a wide range of industries. Given the tensile strength of the graphene fibers, Kyorene® gloves protect hands and arms from cuts, abrasions, and punctures.

Taeki5® fibers surpass the cut, abrasion, and heat resistance capabilities of Aramid and HPPE fibers. The advanced composite fibers protect workers from the mechanical and thermal risks that accompany modern manufacturing and industrial practices. Because Taeki5® fibers withstand repeated laundering, offer comfort and flexibility, and are available in many colors, the fibers are suitable for gloves, sleeves, and high-performance outer apparel. Workers handling sharp steel, glass, and other hazardous materials benefit from the ANSI/ASTM Cut level 4 or 5 protection as well as the protection that Taeki5® products offer against abrasion, puncture, heat, cold, and vibration

Because industrial puncture hazards have increased, new technologies also merge layers of fiber materials with unique perforation plates that prevent sharp objects from penetrating fingers, palms, and the back of hands. Along with providing protection at ANSI ASTM level 4 puncture standards, the combination of materials and plate give greater dexterity, flexibility, and moisture wicking for workers in the construction, manufacturing, and mechanical industries.

New Coatings Protect and Provide Comfort

New coating technologies such as the Hybrid Coating Technology® give an extra layer of protection against cuts and abrasion while remaining soft, durable and flexible. The compounding process used to develop HCT injects soft compound material into pockets within the coating. In addition to protecting against mechanical hazards, HCT also resists penetration by oils. Workers wearing gloves coated with HCT have a stronger grip on dry, wet, or slippery surfaces.

New Technologies Redefine PPE

New methods for producing high-quality fibers, compounds, and composites have made affordable, comfortable, and protective gloves, sleeves, and outerwear available for any worker in any industry. Advances in technology have allowed workers to move on from ill-fitting and stiff materials that may not provide the highest standards of protection to lightweight, flexible, and comfortable protective gear.

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Quality, performance and functionality speak for itself. Since its introduction on the market, Kyorene® multiple pallets of properties has allowed safety professionals to address unmet requirements from the end-users and make the workplace a safer place for the men and women.