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Most of us have grown up watching superheroes either in cartoons or movies. All of us know about the nifty suits, capes, and heroes that seem like requirements for a superhero. Have you ever wished that you had super powers?

Well, with the discovery of graphene and the integration of the compound with fiber, we can wear a super pair of gloves. The process of embedding graphene within fiber gives gloves the ability to protect from UV waves, prevent cuts and abrasions on our hands, inhibit bacterial growth, and balance body odor. Seem impossible, or too futuristic?

Graphene Fibers Have Super Properties

Graphene occurs as a flat monolayer of carbon atoms tightly packed into a two-dimensional honeycomb lattice. Each atom links to three other atoms in layers that have hexagonal shapes. This arrangement of atoms establishes the properties of graphene.

In 2004, scientists used a technique called exfoliated graphene to isolate graphene sheets. Isolating the graphene sheets allowed scientists to see that graphene has unusual characteristics such as extreme tensile strength, elasticity, thermal conductivity, and resistance to bacteria. Manufacturers use a sophisticated technique called wet spinning to produce graphene fibers used for consumer products. Mixing graphene fibers with other composites produces fiber-based materials that have stunning characteristics. Kyorene graphene combines the performance of graphene within a budget that all of us can afford.

Super Ray Deflectors

Because graphene fiber reflects light, clothing made from Kyorene Graphene fiber shields consumers from UV-A and UV-B light. Because of the atomic structure of graphene, it reflects all types of light. Researchers found that coating ordinary cotton fabric with graphene improved protection against harmful ultraviolet radiation. Kyorene fiber yields a 500 Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) — the highest level of protection against UV rays.

Super Protection Against the Cold

Because graphene fibers absorb the Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) wavelength, gloves manufactured from the fibers maintain consistent body temperature and protect hands against cold temperatures. Heat from the human body transfers to the particles within the fabrics. In turn, the fibers act as perfect absorbers, maintain the temperature, and transmit FIR back to the skin. Kyorene gloves prevent the loss of heat energy that would have escaped through other glove materials.

Cold, dry winter conditions create electrical charges. Along with maintaining consistent body temperatures, graphene fibers have anti-static properties that protect skin from static electricity. Unlike other anti-static materials or chemicals added to fabrics, graphene fibers do not harm the environment or endanger our bodies.

Super Protection for Hands

Bullets and artillery shells bounce off the suits, shields, or gloves of truly cool superheroes. While Kyorene gloves cannot protect against those, the graphene fibers in those gloves provide exceptional tensile strength. This tensile strength translates into cut and abrasion protectionthat exceeds most safety standards. Along with having strength, elasticity, and flexibility, Kyorene gloves remain stable when exposed to chemicals and high temperatures. Those and other qualities — such as anti-bacterial and anti-mite properties — protect our superheroes both in the workplace and at home.

A problem at your workplace? Consider it Armor Guys solved!

Quality, performance and functionality speak for itself. Since its introduction on the market, Kyorene® multiple pallets of properties has allowed safety professionals to address unmet requirements from the end-users and make the workplace a safer place for the men and women.