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Personal protective equipment standards assist employers and employees when selecting the best protective equipment for specific tasks. However, criteria for selecting the right PPE gear go beyond cut standards and risk assessments. Workers want comfortable, lightweight clothing that meets the highest safety standards. “Comfort” includes factors such as flexibility, breathability, and fit.

High-Performance Garments Prioritize Safety

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Taeki5 garments prioritize safety for applications within the aerospace, appliance manufacturing, automotive, glass handling, HVAC, metal fabrication and milling industries. Work in each of these industries presents hazards that can lead to cuts, punctures, and minor lacerations. Cut-related injuries can become infected and — even when promptly and properly treated — result in medical expenses, healthcare claims, and lost time from work.

New Levels of Protection and Comfort with HDPE and Takei5

Engineered fabrics not only help to prevent those injuries but also help protect employers from the associated costs of those injuries. For example, Armor Guys HPPE sweatshirts combine an A6 level of cut protection at the collar, sleeve, and belly with soft, lightweight comfort. Going a step further, Taeki5 sweatshirts also resist heat while protecting the chest and back from cuts and abrasion.

The fabrics used for HDPE and Taeki5 jackets and sweatshirts establish strength, cut resistance, and abrasion resistance that goes beyond the cut and abrasion resistance of Kevlar and other aramid fabrics. HDPE fabrics offer medium tensile strength, abrasion resistance, and cut resistance. When judged against CE and ANSI standards, Taeki5 fibers have very high resistance to cuts, abrasions, punctures, chemicals, heat, and UV light.

While the fabric composition offers unique properties, the methods used to sew the garments also add protection for workers. Engineered combinations of fibers provide amazing strength and protection for vulnerable areas. Given the dirty conditions sometimes seen in busy work environments, the availability of high-visibility upper sleeves on HDPE sweatshirts helps to ensure worker safety. Collars extend high enough to protect the neck area as well.

HDPE and Taeki5 garments not only protect but provide comfort, softness, and flexibility. Given the moisture wicking capabilities of Taeki5 fibers, PPE apparel pulls moisture away from a worker’s skin to the exterior of the clothing. There, sweat can easily evaporate and prevent the worker’s body from cooling down too quickly. Moisture wicking also pulls salt away from the sweat and removes the added possibility for abrasion.

Taeki5 Garments Add Durability

Hot conditions on the manufacturing floor call for jackets and sweatshirts that clean easily in residential or commercial laundries. Yet, traditional aramid-based garments lose protective properties when exposed to light, ultra-violet rays, and repeated wash cycles. In comparison, Taeki5 garments maintain protective qualities after repeated cycles through the washer and dryer.

Check with the Experts

The experts at Armor Guys can assist you with making the right high-performance garment choices. We work across industries to provide the best match in ANSI Cut Level protection for the task. Our manufacturing processes include testing for harmful substances and ensure that our clothing complies with the Okeo-Tex standard.

A problem at your workplace? Consider it Armor Guys solved!

Quality, performance and functionality speak for itself. Since its introduction on the market, Kyorene® multiple pallets of properties has allowed safety professionals to address unmet requirements from the end-users and make the workplace a safer place for the men and women.